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Perimeter Patrol Temporary Fencing


Perimeter Patrol™ Temporary Fencing Panels

Attractive, colorful fencing - ideal for upscale settings

  • Attractive and Sturdy 6 ft. (height) by 7.5 ft. (length) fence panels. Visually appealing alternative to chain link fence.
  • Packaged in self-contained pallets. Each pallet holds 28 panels - 210 feet of temporary fencing.
  • Easy setup. Pallets are easily transported; fencing panels are easily handled by one person.
  • Durable fencing for security. Strong, visible construction fencing protects your materials and reduces risk of theft.

home-panel2Temporary Fence Packages- If you want to buy individual fencing panels or a fencing panel storage pallet filled with 28 temporary fencing panels, this is where you you want to look. Our temporary fence is ideal for construction sites and large events to control the flow of crowd traffic. Our fence panels can be stored in a pallet that makes the panel fence easy to transport and store.

tiedownTemporary Fence Components- For added security for your perimeter, we have a selection of weights, ground spikes and other products to keep your fence secure.  Temporary welded wire fencing is an ideal and versatile method for keeping a safe secure perimeter for your work area or event.

No Climb FenceNo-Climb Temporary Fence Panels- Add more security to your protected zone with our no-climb extensions. They are available with 45 degree connectors or vertical connectors.

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