Welded Wire Fence Accessories

Outfit your temporary fencing perimeter for optimal security and efficiency. We offer several welded wire fence accessories to ensure that your work area is secure and safe.

Use No-Climb Extension Panels to deter intruders from jumping over your perimeter patrol fencing. Wind Screen Panels can cover your fencing, making it more attractive and sturdy. We also offer a full range of bases, wheels, and replacement ground stakes and clamps to sure up your temporary fence.

No-Climb Extension Panels

• Can install at any time in the process.
• Includes one clamp and two connectors
• Yellow powder coat finish
• Fits ONLY the standard Perimeter Patrol Fence panel.

Wind Screen Covers

• Black roll of windscreen 50′ x 6′
• Grommets located every 18″
• Edges are sewn

Empty Pallet for Welded Wire Panels

Easily ship and store your welded wire perimeter patrol panels with our empty pallet. 

Swing Gate Assembly

Create an entry and exit point for your perimeter patrol fencing with the swing gate wheel assembly kit