Complete Welded Wire Panel Kits for Temporary Fencing

The easiest way to purchase temporary fencing! We offer our perimeter patrol fencing in pre-assembled kits. These packages include everything needed for a full temporary fence run. For the most savings, purchase a full pallet of perimeter patrol. Packaged in self-contained pallets. Each pallet holds 28 panels – 210 feet of temporary fencing. Contact a product specialist today to get started!

Full Pallet Drop Shadow

Perimeter Patrol Welded Wire Panel Kits

Description Model Height Width Weight Spec Sheet

30 Foot Linear Run – (4 Panels – 5 Bases – 1 Swing Gate) 

*Pallet not included*

RF-PACK3- B (Black)

RF-PACK3-Y (Yellow)

72 Inches 87 Inches 236 lbs.  Download Welded Wire Panel Kits Spec Sheet

45 Foot Linear Run – (6 Panels – 7 Bases – 1 Swing Gate)

*Pallet not included*

RF-PACK2-B (Black)

RFPACK2-Y (Yellow)

72 Inches 87 Inches 650 lbs.  Download Welded Wire Panel Kits Spec Sheet
60 Foot Linear Run – (8 Panels – 9 Bases – 1 Swing Gate)

RF-PACK1-B (Black)

RF-PACK1-Y (Yellow)

72 Inches 87 Inches 736 lbs.  Download Welded Wire Panel Kits Spec Sheet
Complete Pallet of Temporary Fencing – 28 Panels with Bases and Clamps

RF-12805 (Black)

RF-12806 (Yellow)

72 Inches 87 Inches    
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Temporary Fencing Set-up Steps
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