Complete Welded Wire Panel Kits for Temporary Fencing

The easiest way to purchase temporary fencing! We offer our perimeter patrol fencing in pre-assembled kits. These packages include everything needed for a full temporary fence run. For the most savings, purchase a full pallet of perimeter patrol. Packaged in self-contained pallets. Each pallet holds 28 panels – 210 feet of temporary fencing. Contact a product specialist today to get started!

Full Pallet of Yellow Powder Coated Perimeter Patrol Panels for Welded Wire Panel KitsPerimeter Patrol Welded Wire Panel Kits

Description Model Height Width Weight Spec Sheet

30 Foot Linear Run – (4 Panels – 5 Bases – 1 Swing Gate) 

*Pallet not included*

RF-PACK3- B (Black)

RF-PACK3-Y (Yellow)

72 Inches 87 Inches 236 lbs.  Download Welded Wire Panel Kits Spec Sheet

45 Foot Linear Run – (6 Panels – 7 Bases – 1 Swing Gate)

*Pallet not included*

RF-PACK2-B (Black)

RFPACK2-Y (Yellow)

72 Inches 87 Inches 650 lbs.  Download Welded Wire Panel Kits Spec Sheet
60 Foot Linear Run – (8 Panels – 9 Bases – 1 Swing Gate)

RF-PACK1-B (Black)

RF-PACK1-Y (Yellow)

72 Inches 87 Inches 736 lbs.  Download Welded Wire Panel Kits Spec Sheet
Complete Pallet of Temporary Fencing – 28 Panels with Bases and Clamps

RF-12805 (Black)

RF-12806 (Yellow)

72 Inches 87 Inches