Welded Wire Panels Product Faq

Welded Wire Panels Product FAQ

Welcome to our product FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page where you can find answers to common questions about our welded wire panel products. Whether it’s specifications, how to handle or storage questions, we have you covered with the answers below.

Any questions not answered in our product FAQ below can be found through our product specialists by calling (800) 448-2647 or filling out our contact form.

How long and tall are Perimeter Patrol fencing panels?

Each Perimeter Patrol temporary fence panel is 6 feet in height and 7.5 feet in length.

How much do Perimeter Patrol fence panels weigh?

Each fence panel is 37 pounds.

Are Perimeter Patrol panels easy to set up?

Yes. A panel can easily be moved and set up by one person.

How do I create a fenced-in area with these Panels?

Place the bases approximately 7.5 feet apart around the perimeter of your area.  The panels will slide onto the bases.  See our Fence Set Up Instructions page for more details.

How do Perimeter Patrol fencing panels connect to each other?

Panel clamps (which include the necessary bolts) connect panels to each other. Clamps are most effective if they are affixed toward the top of the panels.

Why would I choose Perimeter Patrol panels over chain link fencing?

First, Perimeter Patrol fencing panels are more attractive and colorful, making them ideal for more upscale settings.  Perimeter Patrol fencing will be more stable on uneven surfaces or non-paved surfaces. The 2×4 welded wire panels are not only more visually appealing than the chain link mesh, but they are also easier on the hands. And, with self-contained storage pallets available, these fencing panels are much easier to store than rolls of chain link fence.

How do I create an entrance area?

Swing gate wheels are available. Simply insert a swing gate wheel instead of a traditional base at the bottom of a panel, and you’ll create a fence panel which can open and close like a gate.

Are Perimeter Patrol panels easy to store?

Yes. A pallet holds 28 fence panels in a compact 42” wide, 90” long and 80” high storage space.  A hardware basket which attaches to the top of the pallet will hold all necessary bases, clamps and bolts.  See the Pallets page for more details.

How can I add extra height to my Perimeter Patrol fence?

“No climb” extension panels add an extra foot in height. Via connectors, these extension panels can be placed the top of each regular panel either vertically or at a 45% angle. See our No-climb Extension Panels page for more details.

Can I add weight to these fence panels to make them more stable?

Yes. Ground base weights, which add 33 pounds of weight for stability, are available.  Other stability options include tie-downs and anchors.  See our components page for more details.

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